Body Centered Meditation


Body Centered Meditation 

Body Centered Meditation can be done while sitting, during deep relaxation, or just prior to falling asleep.

To begin this meditation first observe your breath.  After a few breaths allow your mind to travel through your body.  Whatever place in the body you’re feeling, whether it’s a painful spot, or whether you just just notice it slightly for no particular reason…briefly place your mind at that spot.  Ask the place/area to relax and flow. If you want to, you can use the phrase “I love you”,  sending loving energy into the place you’re feeling.

Now… remain quiet and incorporate your inner witness to observe your mind’s contents; Is there a picture within your mind?  It’s possible that this picture will reflect and relate in some way to the stored energy from the spot you were just drawn to as you practiced your body meditation. (For the purposes of this type of meditation, it’s not necessary to dissect or analyze the content too deeply).

Now..let your awareness move on to the next body place that pops into your consciousness and repeat the process just mentioned.  If you find yourself falling into a thought or “picture” that arises in your mind, softly let go and move back into the body sensations. The pictures that arise in your mind don’t have to make literal sense because our dreams are often quite symbolic and incomprehensible. As you become deeply relaxed you actually become very awake, and in this type of meditative work you are highly conscious of both your inner and outer worlds simultaneously.

Trusting that nothing is separate in our mind, body, or life will allow us to do this work successfully.

This is an easy and very rewarding meditation exercise.

During this short period of time that you give to Body Centered Meditation, while implementing the observation of body and mind without attachment, the reduction of static and stress in life can be greatly reduced and health on all levels will be amplified.

Have Fun!

Body Centered Meditation can be added to any type of meditation that you choose to do and it’s great to add into your inner work during acupuncture, massage, or other energy treatments..