All aspects of significant and insignificant past events can be cleared , cleaned up and  healed; but we have to get quiet enough inside to do the work.  We can start the healing from the outside (such as changing jobs, habits, friends etc), but ultimately we must remember our inner quiet “self” in order to transform a past experience into the gift that it is. This is important to remember and truly grasp:  it’s all ok.. There aren’t any mistakes, and even if they appear to be “wrong”,  we really can make lemonade from  them.., we can and we must.. Consulting out inner witness and internal sage is really easy,  but again we must get still and quiet enough inside to do this.  Most of us greet noise and clutter in the first journeys within… But I assure you..,behind the noise is delicious peace, deep understanding, and love. We must find this for ourselves …This is what is meant by “Self-Discovery”.